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Top 8 Financial Management Tools for better Money Handling

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Be it personal or business related, everyday expenditures if not limited may topple the “whole ship”. This is how tracking expense has become vital for personal as well as business success.
Several online tools are available for tracking and recording  all sorts of expenses with high accuracy, that can be retrieved instantly every time you need. How you can choose one, that suits your needs best from a big crowd. Here lie’s the challenge. Let us go through some major expense management tools available online.These tools vary from each other with its features,Portability,Security,Usability Etc.Some of them are free and some are Paid.
Anyway its good to try these if you are having difficulties in managing your money.

Best Online Financial Management Tools:


It is one of newly launched expense management tool known for its simplicity. Its flexible for personal as well as business users. You can enjoy the service for free. The tool is very easy to use and you can add expense and income in separate pages. You can get solid report. If you need custom reports you have the option of adding customised categories and tags. The tool is now in its β version and is on the path of development and so you can expect more. No support is needed to use the simple yet effective tool for a beginner, still they provide active customer support and a detail help page. It is perfect and flawless for personal or small business use and we can expect an immediate update from Tistify home.



A comparatively better tool available for fulfilling your expense management needs. Features seemed to be ideal for complex business organisation's. Fast method to store and quick way to retrieving data are its peculiarity but you have to pay for enjoying its pretty good features.
It has automated expense management process which  automatically extracts data about expense from any receipt image. They offer varied options such as certify E-receipt and certify spend smart features. Two sorts of workflows include locked and approval types. As one has to pay for enjoying its features, it suits large business firms and not personal needs



You can file your expense, add receipt and analyse your reports using this expense management site. Options for category customisation, image uploading, and multi-tag setting make the site better but the whole thing lies crowded in the dashboard and there exists a shortage of guidance. For enjoying premium features you need to upgrade to a premium plan. It is moderately suited for business peoples.



This website(and app) expense tracking so simple, and has many other functions as well.Once you create a Mint account you can connect all your financial accounts to it including  Checking accounts, credit cards, savings accounts,brokerage accounts, retirement accounts,  mortgage, auto payments, college savings; any financial account can be connected to this website so you have all your details aggregated in one place. Concerned about security? The web page utilizes the same protection as online financial institutions like banks, and because it’s read only no transactions can be made through it if someone were to breach your account. Then all you need to do is log on and up-dates the details from all your various banking organisation's and gives you real-time information from your Accounts.


Xpenser known for the performance of the primary function of any expenses recording application - recording expenses. The purpose, in most situations, that's what you really look for. And that's not to say that Xpenser doesn't have reports and other features, but the greatest promoting function of the app is how simple it is to record transactions.

One advantage of Xpenser is you don't have to log in to the app to record an entry. And also there's a suitable iPhone app available. But Xpenser can also get entries via text, voice call, e-mail, Twitter, or instant messenger. As a customer you're not likely to use all of those techniques all the time, but the versatility is mentionable.



Be it digital or not, if you intend to get an online subscription for your product, Chargify works better for you. It is an advantage that the dashboard is nicely designed to permit you to manage special offers and coupons and renewal deadlines and changing expiration dates all in a single place.


It is another useful application for medium and small business runners. It automatically pulls in information from the account holder’s credit card and bank account, and provides all latest the latest financial information. Moreover it puts forward better suggestions for future planning and budgets.


This service is particularly helpful for managing invoices. When you create an invoice, receive or both, you may find difficult to keep everything in order. This system helps you to monitor things easily.

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Apowersoft - Best Free Online Video Converter

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Due to the different layers of transmission and storage, each video has its own set of formats to choose from.
Technical development comes up with more and more video formats, on one hand, satisfying us who have different requirements towards a certain video, on the other hand, leading us a more frequent use of video converter. In this post, Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter, one of the most talked about converter will be shared in details.

The Application Appearance:

Apowersoft Online Video Converter provides you a simple and easy-to-use interface, with eye-protected cool color. No ads, plug-in and additional web links, the app gives you a very clear idea on how to operate it. With it, a newbie could convert video online for his or her first time without any troubles.

How it Works

The way that a program works, to a large extent, decides its value and popularity among users. Exactly, the way of Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter contributes its bigger and bigger fame. The app is able to free convert video, but has no limitations on conversion time. No downloading and registering, it provides web-based services, allowing you to finish conversion with three steps. All you have to do is to add local file, choose output format and click Convert button, then, video will be converted in a few minutes.

You can enjoy the demo video of Apowersoft Online Video Converter below.


Various Output Formats

To a video converter, various output formats stand for its worthiness to users. As to Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter, what I like most is that it has a wide range of outputs formats even as a free application. It has video formats including MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, AVI, 3GP and so on. As well, it supports audio formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, ACC, OGG and so on.

The Output Quality

There exists programs that are free but has discounts on conversion quality. But, I realized that such hoaxes could not happen on Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter as it has successfully converted videos in a way that I wanted for many times. The app outputs high quality videos or audios. Instead of worrying about wasting time but getting a poor converted video, you would get a 1:1 quality video at the simple process of conversion. What’s more, you can modify video by setting resolution, bitrate and frame rate on the step two of the conversion process.

Considerate Services

On the webpage, there are four tabs below the application, which are Overview, Video Demo, Tips to Use and Testimonials. So, any user can get a very closer look on the app. Regardless of what a simple application it is, Apowersoft staff still provides you with video demo to give you a better thought on the app. In addition, you can post the problem you may encounter to the Apowersoft technical support. They are nice and will deal with your case promptly as far as I know. All in all, I give Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter two thumbs up!

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How to Find Gmail Account Creation Date

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Today I’ll show you "How to find Gmail account creation date". Well, this question has immense value when it comes to Gmail password recovery. Why??? Because, during initiating a password reset using Gmail Contact Form, you have to enter the Gmail account creation date, otherwise you are not allowed to reset your password. So, I have mentioned two ways by which you can know your Gmail account creation date.

Find Gmail account creation date

Note: This article is not meant for those who have lost their password. I am writing this article for those who have access to their account, but don't know how to check Gmail account creation date. In future, if by some means, you lose your password and want to use Gmail accounts Form, this Gmail account creation date will help you.

Get Gmail account creation Date:

1. Gmail Welcome Mail:

All Gmail accounts receive "Gmail Welcome Mail" after they create their Gmail account. So, this "Welcome Mail" has the same date as your Gmail account creation date. So, noting this date will serve the purpose. Go to Gmail inbox and hit on Oldest button to get the last message. This message will be from Gmail Team. Note this mail's date. Done!!!

But, many readers said that they have deleted Welcome mail and so are unable to get the account creation date. If you are one of them, proceed to the second point.
2. Using POP:

Well, this method will work for accounts created after 2007.
Go to Settings tab; Forwarding and POP/IMAP and under POP Download, look for:
Status: POP is enabled for all mail that has arrived since "Your Account Creation Date"

and you will get the required date.

Below is the Snapshot showing output:

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Training Over....Job Started....We Are Live Again :) :) :)

Hi Friends...I hope you all are fine. I know it’s been long and very long time since I posted anything here. My last post was on 31st January,2012 and today it’s 28th April,2013. Goshhhhhhh……..OMG more than a year.

Well guys, I went on training after my and you’ll be happy to know that currently I am working with a well known MNC as a software Engineer with 1.2 year experience J. I hope you now understand why I could not update the blog since long.

However, It was past, now I am back in action to spread more knowledge I have gain during this period and will update you with all latest hacks and cracks, technologies, software's and all other cool stuffs.

So stay tuned !!!

Happy Hacking J

Your Friend,
Peeyush Jain

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