Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SpeedyFox: Firefox Speed Booster

SpeedyFox: Firefox Speed Booster
Hey friends....I hope you all are fine. Are you are pissed off with the slow Firefox speed??? Then Today am going to provide you a very useful tool for you that is SpeedyFox, which will help you to get rid of slow Firefox Speed. SpeedyFox is a small utility which compresses all your saved data and thereby, enhances your Firefox speed to a great way.  It compresses all the data that makes Firefox heavier and eats up its speed. It will compress it and will make it faster and smoother.

Features of Speedyfox:-

  • It will boost your startup time by 3 times.

  • Boost your browsing speed.

  • Quick Operation with Cookies.


  • After Downloading SpeedyFox, Just run it.
  • Check mark on Run Firefox After Optimization.After that, Click on Speed up my Firefox. {Make sure that Firefox is closed}
SpeedyFox: Firefox Speed Booster

  • When it will be optimized, the Firefox window will open and you will see a Sudden increase in your Browsing Speed!!Enjoy!!!!!!

Feel Free to Ask Anything.
Hope you like it.
Enjoy and don’t forget to comment.



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