Friday, January 27, 2012

Recharge mobile online and get free coupons for shopping

Hello Friends,I hope you all are fine.
This article is something for which you must be waiting.Just recharge your mobile onlineand get one of these free couponsdomino’s pizza 50rs, cafe cofee day 50rs, mcdonald 50rs, big cinemas 50rs, baskin fobbins 50rs,timezone 100rs,naaptol 200rs.

Note:- Rs.10 /- extra for shipping.

How does it works:-

1.   You recharge your mobile at
2.   Select Free Coupons
3.   You get Rechage instanly and coupon by post at your address 

Freecharge is a new way to recharge your mobile as it also gives you coupons of equal amount for free.

See Example: - 

For example if i rechage my mobile for rs 51 i can claim for 100rs timtara coupon (10rs shipping extra) 

Current Offer-
          1.      Pizza hut- 100rs (min purchase-250)
          2.      Big Cinemas – 50rs(min purchase 375)
          3.      Cafe coffee- 50rs (min purchase 140)
          4.      Domino's pizza- 50rs (min purchase 150)
          5.      Mcdonalds - 50rs ( min purchase 50rs)
          6.      Croma- 50rs (min purchase 200)
          7.      Barista -50rs ( min purchase 50rs)
          8.      Naaptol- 200rs (min purchase-201)
          9.      Shoppersstop- 100rs (min purchase 750)
        10.    Nirula's - 50rs (min purchase 1)
        11.    Crossword- 100rs ( min purchase 750)
        12.    Hypercity- 50rs (min purchase 1)
        13.    Timtara -100rs (min purchase 1000)
        14.    Indiaplaza- 100rs (min purchase 199).

To know term and condition for each coupon visit and roll over mouse on offer.

Feel Free To Ask Anything.
Hope you like it.
Enjoy and don’t forget to comment.



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