Friday, January 27, 2012

Load Youtube Faster on slow connections:New Way

Youtube is an integral part of our lives now a days, whether we need to watch the trailer of upcoming movies or want to watch some education videos, Youtube is a place we need to be but majority of people in India are yet to have High speed connection and that's why watching video online is not a easy task for us.What i usually do is download youtube video and then watch it offline but do you know that there is another version of Youtube which will make video loads faster and with lowest possible latency.

Youtube is having a alternative version called Youtube Feather, it increase youtube Site Speed so videos will be much faster and thus helpful for slow internet connections or hand held Devices.To achievefaster speed Youtube disable many not so useful features like  search suggestions, posting comments etc.
An Experiment by By Alex Chitu revealed that  Feather is quite effective, the resources downloaded when you watch a video in Youtube Feather is  only have 52 KB, instead of 391 KB.
Once you activate Youtube Feather you will see an option to switch back to regular Youtube in the right sidebar.I am using Youtube Feather for quite some time and the thing I love the most about Feather is that it keeps things simple and clean. It's not bogged down with icons or comments or all that other stuff most people just don't care about.

To Enable Youtube Feather for your Computer just visit Youtube Feather page and click on "Join the Feather Beta" Link.

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