Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lenovo Introduces World's First Android TV-K91

Lenovo announced World’s First Android TVK91 on the eve of CES. It is running on Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
K91 will be available in two versions, one of 42” and other of 50”. Both have IPS 3D HDTV technology. K91 is not using Google’s TV software but is using Honeycomb (code name)

User-Interface of K91 comes with three major functions. Those are Video on Demand, TV programs, and internet applications.  It also have cloud-integration so users can easily access their multimedia content like music and videos with great ease. You can even use it to sync your videos and music files between your TV and smartphone or tablet. TV can be controlled remotely using tablet or smartphone.
I think there will be many companies who will surely announce Android TV but Lenovo won the race :D at Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Maybe Sony and Samsung will also announce something new.
K91 by Lenovo has Qualcomm’s dual-core 8060 Snapdragon processor. It is running at 1.5 Ghz. It also supports 1GB of RAM and SD card storage.  You can use it as webcam as it has inbuilt 5MP camera. You can control TV by touchscreen remote with integrated microphone for voice commands.  Isn’t that cool? :P
K91 also has 802.11n WiFi, 8GB of internal storage and an expandable memory slot. You can also download application and games directly from Android market and can also access Lenovo Store. But Lenovo has not disclosed any information regarding release dates and price till date. K91 will be initially available only in China. After some months they can expand their user base all over the world.

Lenovo also announced the IdeaTab S2, a tablet with a keyboard dock. It is same as Asus Transformer Prime. Asus Transformer Prime was award-winning device from Asus.
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