Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Facebook will launch an email service soon

Facebook is not just going to be a social networking site from the next Monday .Facebook is all set to launch its email service this Monday and then you will be able to have email id . Recently facebook surpassed  flickr  by becoming the largest  photo sharing  site . It is continuously challenging Google and others  by my making its presence in others areas as well . 500 million people are already using facebook . There are speculation that facebook mail could be a Gmail Killer .Recently Gmail tried to become more social by introducing GoogleBuzz , but it didn’t became much successful . Should Google be worried about  facebook email ? Only future can answer this question , but there  are few rumored facebook email features which suggest that this social networking king  facebook can replace our inbox.
Facebook e-mail a gmail killer
Photo Integration
Facebook is already a big photo sharing platform . Gmail Yahoo MSN and other emails service lags behind in photo integration  , they send  users to external websites to view albums in picasa or flickr . A photo slideshow viewer in facebook email could be a killer feature .
Email Senders Bio integration
Many a times we get emails from people we do not know . If facebook mail could integrate some profile data about the email sender like the photo thumbnail with some details from the info tab on the profile page  , then this could again be a killer feature .
Office App integration
Many a times we get attached documents in the emails messages  which we have to download and use it with the respective application . Facebook email can integrate Microsoft office Apps , which will allow instant viewing of attached documents .
I am anxiously waiting to have email id . What about you ?


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