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Difference Between LCD and LED Display
In This Post i am describing all major difference between LED and LCD Display. As you know thatLCD is Old Technology and LED is the Latest Technology For Display Systems. LCD Stands For Liquid Crystal Display and LED Stands For Light Emitting Diode Monitors. Both are good but LED is Best.
Difference Between LED And LCDLight Emitting Diode
Due to presence of these 2 different kind of displays a person thinking to purchase a new display often gets confused between the two and is unable to decide which one to choose. Today i will discuss  about difference between these display devices. We could cover all the basic differencesbetween led and lcd displays.
LED TVs are the newer variant of displays available in the market. Since LED TVs are newer technology displays they are considered to be better than lcd but what actual difference is there between led and lcd is known to very few people. So here we discuss the basic differences between the two technologies.
what is the difference between led and lcd

How Do They Work?

The LCD/LED and Plasma technologies are totally different, while the difference between LCD and LED is only the backlight used in them.
An LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TV has liquid crystal stuck between its display panel which gets activated when the power is supplied and uses a CCFL backlight. The LED TV too works on the same platform but light emitting diodes (LED) are used to provide the backlight.
But a plasma TV works on a completely different platform. It uses thin sheet of tiny individual plasma cells that project or produce a picture when electric current is passed.

LED or LCD: It’s The Back Lighting

Technically speaking, an LED TV is also an LCD TV, as the screen on both is a liquid crystal display. An LCD display has two layers of glass that are polarized and joined together, the liquid crystals then pass or block the light to display the television picture.
The crystals do not produce any light as the light comes from a series of lamps at the back of the screen. On an LCD TV, the lamps at the back of the screen are fluorescent lamps, whilst on an LED TVthe lights at the back of the screen are Light Emitting Diodes (LED).
There are two types of LED methods used to provide the back lighting to the screen: edge lighting (with or without local dimming) and full array lighting (with or without local dimming).  Majority of LED TVs fall in the edge-lit without local dimming category, with the LEDs placed only along the edge of the LCD panel.
It uses “light guides” to illuminate the center and other areas of the screen. Since its introduction a couple of years ago, manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Sony have come up with a better version: edge lit with local dimming. This variety results in better picture quality, with the black levels becoming darker, providing a visual feast even for those very discerning viewers.

Color Accuracy

Color accuracy of led display is much better than lcd display. Though the difference is not very large but it is still notable. So if you are looking for better color accuracy then led display should be your first choice.

The Best Choice For Price

If the price tag is of major concern, LCD TVs are the obvious choice as their prices have gone down ever since LED TVs started becoming more mainstream.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is definitely a fall point for the plasma TV as it consumes a lot more power when compared to LCD TV. But the LED TV is considered best in this parameter as its LED backlight is more power efficient and needs less electricity to light up. Due to this reason, the LED TV is considered as the greenest of them all.
So, make sure to check out the above parameters along with the price difference and the TV lifespan. Also decide which factors among these are important for you before you buy one.

Viewing angles

Led displays have much better viewing angles than the lcd display. In case of LCD display beyond the 30 degree from the center the contrast ratio of the image start to diminish. LED display do not have any such limitation and they have much larger viewing angle.

The Best Choice For Gaming and Home Theatre

Planning to hook up your game console to your monitor? LCD TVs in the long run are recommended by many as the better choice since heads-up display (HUD) elements in some video games may create ghostly permanent images on the screen when used for a long time. This is what you call burn-in, which is less likely to happen with LCD TVs. Those who have set up a high-end home theateron their PC may also opt for an LCD TV to avoid the same.
Major Differences Between LCD and LED Display :-


LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) televisions are thinner and lighter and provide much sharper and clearer picture than CRTs of similar size. They are ideally used for cell phone displays, computer monitors and to view still images.
  • LCD TVs have a flat screen so there will be no picture distortion and don’t have screen “burn in” like curved tube TVs.
  • In general, LCD viewing angle is 175 degrees. The picture can be viewed 87 degrees from each side.
  • LCD TVs are very economical to use and screens less than 35 are fairly inexpensive.
  • LCD TVs are backlit and blocks outside light. So, they are suitable for natural lighting situations.
  • Most LCD TVs have a half life (50% of original brightness) span of over 30,000 hours (16 years of viewing at 6 hours per day).
  • LCD sizes generally range from 13 to 65 but some manufacturer will offer up to 100 sizes.


LED (Light Emitting Diode) TV is an LCD TV that uses LEDs for back lighting, instead of using the fluorescent lights (as it creates more black spots). They are ideally used for low-energy indicators, as substitutes for traditional light sources in general lighting and automotive lighting.
  • LED TV will currently more than a standard LCD or plasma TV
  • LED TV has got great looks and very easy to Install.
  • Edge-lit LED television will consume 30-40% of less power than LCD or plasma TV. But backlit LEDs will consume more power.
  • Brighter picture can be viewed with LED television compared to a standard LCD TV
  • LED TV that is backlit, with local dimming and RGB LEDs, will have an enhanced picture and better contrast ratio and colour accuracy compared  to standard LCD TV.
  • It has a long lasting life and also eco friendly.

Feel Free To Ask Anything.
Hope You Like It.
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