Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names of All Times

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Today I come up with an informative article,here I gonna tell you the most expensive domain names all the time.
Domain Names start off from just $1 and how these domain names turn to be sold in millions is the shocking factor. A $10 registered domain name sold for 3 Millions…Wow..Isn’t  that awesome and enough for a person and his 7 successors to live happily. Today, Syncers brings in front of you hand picked domain names which sold for the most expensive prices of all times hitting millions.

Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names of All Times is the best insurance for the one who owns this domain name . Creating a very high landmark, went on sales for $36 Million, the highest among all domain names becoming the most expensive domain name. Quinstreet bought for a whooping $36 Million. …(I know what a great domain it is ) went on sales for $18 Million and was acquired by Quinstreet . Now you would be wondering , What is Quinstreet. quotes Quinstreet as :
QuinStreet is “an online performance marketing company helps businesses target their would-be customer audiences by using its proprietary technologies and media reach to generate sales leads.

If tops the chart how far behind can be the Insure is one of the top paying keywords of Google Adsense and that proves it to sell for $16 million . It went on sales in 2009 acquiring $16 Million.

3 Letter Domain Name with great value. was sold for $13 Million in 2010. The domain name was initially acquired by Escomand sold to  to Clover Holdings . According to its owner the Domain name gets 125,000 visitors on a daily basis without any content put up on it (YEAH JUST DOMAIN PARKING ) and he is close to earning 7 figure income from just SEX.COM domain parking monthly. We might see him in Forbes soon(JoKing). :P went off for $10 Million, well $50 less than that ie.  $9,999,950  .  Run your mind why they left on $50 and get back to me with your whacky answers. The domain name was sold on 11th March 2008.

The adult keyworded domain name was bought by Detroit-based MXN Ltd., an Internet media and investment business . It was sold for $9.5 Million with being the domain broker. takes the next step lead by selling for whooping $8 Million by ECompanies. ECompanies specialises in launching Internet start-ups and they plan to turn into a business-to-business portal site.

The price of diamonds is quite high and they remain a precious jewel and same is the case with the domain name. The precious domain name got a price tag of $7.5 Million and was bought by . was appraised at $7 Million and turned out to sell for the appraised amount. A Private Sale was made of bringing it in top Most Expensive Domain Names. turned to be a jackpot for Boss Media its initial owner by grabbing $5.5 Millions in pockets to give Boss Media a great bash.
The domain names are a great investment better than shares because these are safe investments which could be sold anytime the buyer wants to.  The list is quite huge with various domains touching the Million Mark to get them grabbed by the buyers making the day and life for the domain name sellers. Think differently, get a niche domain….

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