Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ankit Fadia-India's 1st Hacker : Hacking Course Free

Hello friends,I hope you all are fine.
Did you ever think to be a hacker...If yes then you must thought to join some Hacking course to improve your Hacking skills and shape your knowledge.
And if we wanna learn hacking through some one then Ankit Fadia -a very known personality (India's No. 1 Hacker) ,is consideres as first preference.

But sadly it costs high for coaching.You all are thinking why I'm writing all these line here.
Dear friends,I gonna tell you that now you need not to pay a single rupee to Ankit Fadia.As I always want to help you in all possible ways....Today I'm Here with Ankit Fadia's Video tutorials... read it right...Video's from Ankit Fadia-The Great Hacker.And all are Absolutely Free for Hacker Zone Family.
Don't even think to miss it.

UPDATE:Guys I due to so many received mails it becomes difficult to mail download link one by one.So I'm posting all the links here...
Don't ever missuse it.

Click the follow link to download videos

Hope you like the effort.
Enjoy and share with your Friends.



Samrat Roychowdhury said...

MY EMAIL ID IS Please mail me the link

Mandy Jattboy said... is my mail id ..pls mail me the the dwnld link

Tejesh kumar said...

my email

Liviraje said...


Zhonzizing said...

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Yashnaik110795 said...

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Mohit Ajwani said...

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Jithinbabu1234 said...

Jithinbabu said...

Varun Nair said...

Bharat Khemani said...

plz mail me the link at thanks buddy thanks alot for suck wonderful post....

Bharat Khemani said...

sorry its "such" a wonder post.....

Santhosh Sarangi said...

Nanda Kumar Rajendran said...

Pls mail me the link
And thank u very much in advance......

pjrichpj said...

Guys I have updated the link in the post itself...
kindly download from there.

Thanks..Keep visiting.


Naughtymunda500 said...

hey guyz links se videos download nai ho rah ehai...kya karu

Unknown said...

And, thus spoke the master :)

There is a fantastic opportunity for all Ankit Fadia fans.

He is someone who keeps up with the trends and is definitely one with a great business acumen. However, first of all he is someone who understand security like very few experts - and importantly he provides training for everyone - not just geeks! A true pioneer indeed.

Anonymous said...

please provide the link on or make it live

Anonymous said...

Please email me the link on

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