Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Fix expired certificate error

Hello Friends!!Many times it happen with us that when we try to install some application on our phone then it shows 'certificate error' and don't allow us to install it.
Well,today I'm gonaa solve this problem forever.With this trick you can always bypass this certificate error because we are going to generate permanent certificate.Yes....Here i am posting  trick to fix expired certificate error.I am downloading most of applications from internet.Some times application[software/games] shows “expired certificate error” during installation.So Dont waste time to download that application from different sites or dont think that something os problem with your dont need to flash or upldate your mobile.
Here i have come with solution to install unsigned application.Read this article and Enjoy :D.Free Signer is a mobile application that helps you sign your unsigned symbian applications which makes it able to bypass the security restrictiom placed on unsigned apps.
You first need to get a valid certificate and key to get this done.
Simply follow these steps:
o              >   Sign up in
o              >   Now verify ur account by clicking verification link sent to your email address
o               > Login to
o              >  Click on cPanel onthe top left
o              >   Type *#06# on your phone homescreen to know your phone’s IMEI number
o              >   Enter the 15 digit characters in the box provided at
o              >   Press submit
o           Just below the IMEI box you should see the status of your cert and key request
·            It shows pending, now wait for 24 hrs or a bit more
·             After 24 hrs you can again log in here n download the cert and key
·         Please note that you can as well get your certificate and key from
·         Transfer the cert and key to your phone and install FreeSigner
How to use ‘FREE SIGNER’?
·          Open FreeSigner go to options and then settings
·         Click on ht 4th option, “Sign Cert” and select the certificate file you downloaded earlier


·   Again in settings, below “Sign Cert” there is “Sign Key”
·    Click on that and now select the .key file
·   Click back and select Add Task and locate the application you want to sign from your MMC


Click “Sign Sis”

In the new panel Click Options–>Go!. Done..!!

·  Now go through your File manager and Install the Signed one
·   Lastly when you sign any app do not click on the option ”self sign sis” click on ”sign sis”I have one more trick to solve expired certificate error.i will post it soon.If you like this article then;Share this article on facebook.. 

Hope you like the efforts.
Enjoy anddon't forget to comment here.


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