Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Hide Drive in Windows without software or registry

Hello friends, today i will share with you an absolutely new technique to hide any drive without using any software or even gpedit or even registry. In this tutorial i will explain how to hidedrive in windows xp using command prompt. Its really a cool trick and i really guarantee that you all will appreciate this hack. This not actually a hack but its a logical concept. Since my motive is to teach you so i will explain you in detail.

How Windows recognizes anything means any files or any drive on your System? a very simple question for all of you. Try to explore the answer and share your thoughts below in form of comments. Don't worry if you don't able to find i will share with you.

Let's get back to how to hide drive in Windows XP without any software or registry or group policy hack. If your system is accessed by users other than you and you really want to hide any of your drive then its the best method and more cool is that no software can even show that drive.

Steps to hide the drive:
1. Go to Start > Run > type "diskpart".
A DOS window will appear with following description.


2.  Then type "list volume"
Then you will see something like this:

3. Now suppose you want to hide drive D then type "select volume 2"
Then a message will appear in same window { Volume 2 is the selected volume}

4.  Now type "remove letter D"
Now a message will come { Diskpart Removed the Drive letter }
Diskpart will remove the letter D. In some cases it also ask for reboot. So you need to reboot in that case for this trick to work.
Now check your my computer, you will not find the D drive there. So its quite easy to hide you data with help of hiding the drive.
Windows XP is not having capability to identify the unknown volume. Your Data is now safe from unauthorized users.

Now if you want to access the Drive again. Repeat the first three steps as such and in the fourth step Instead of remove give "assign letter D". It will give the unknown volume a name you will be able to access that drive again.

I hope you all have like this tutorial.... If you have any queries ask me in form of comments..



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