Thursday, August 4, 2011

Buy Exclusive Learning Kit(Recommended by Hackers Zone for beginners)

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Hello friends,

Are you Scared of the word HACKING ?
ime to get over your fear and learn the real stuff . Hacking is something that should not be feared of .
It should be learnt and implemented in the right way in order to make the web around you more secure .

Hacking always creates suspicion in peoples mind but the truth about hacking is - "To prevent yourself from being hacked , you will have to learn the art" .
After a long time of sharing new ideas,tricks and tips with all the visitors.I got some suggestion from your side,that all posts are nice and really awesome but some people wants to learn hacking with their own practice.They learn many things here but they faces errors many times as they are beginners.Offcourse I’m here to help you and will always be…Some regular visitors asked me to provide some ‘A’ class material which will cover all the need of them and they can feel like Real HACKER.

So after a long discussion I decide to solve out this problem.I made a cd(Hackers Recommended ) which contains all the necessary and advance methods of hacking and cracking.It is live video hacking cd includes complete tutorials.It includes my training material and Notes which are written  by me when I was under training(Guys it really worths a lot).

Friends,I include many many premium softwares which are not free at all in market,many Latest full version Antivirus,Lots of Password Cracking Tool with their activation keys,Live videos which will show you step by step procedure,Tutorials,LOT…LOT…LOTs of paid ebooks,Copmuter Optimiser,Speed Bossting tools/Intenet Downloader,Mobile softwares(All are full version tool).
There are lots of material scattered around the web but how to find out the the best one ? 
Many "Wanna Be hackers" simply read some articles and learn to use tools and start claiming themselves as hackers . But this is not how it goes . The knowledge of hacking starts straight from the basics of Computer Networks . So don't just go around and follow any material that is available on the internet . Wait and think .
Are you really aware of the basics? It hardly takes few extra hours to first understand the basics and then move ahead but those extra hours add a strong baseline in the long run .

Hackers Zone's  Beginner's kit on hacking is the collection of most comprehensive material to help you step in the field of hacking .
This material not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but it also provides a practical approach .

Still Puzzled ? Read the Highlights of the Material 

  • Complete Guidelines to help you follow through the material in a systematic manner .
  • The kit contains materials to start building your concepts right from the beginning . Computer networks , Operating systems and command line execution etc .
  • After basics , the real part starts. Complete understanding of the term "Hacking" and then growing up to reach  the most recent hacking techniques around the web .
  • Lots of power point presentations and white papers to assess your learning process .
  • A complete software where you can practice your lessons . The software itself contains 16 hacking lessons and around 100 different hacking stages where you can practically implement your gathered knowledge .
  • The software will also generate your performance report to help you track your progress.
  • The kit also contains tools (some will have to be downloaded) along with usage guidelines that are currently the most popular "HACKING WEAPONS".

So if you are really looking to seriously jump into the deep well of hacking then you surely have to buy this kit . 
Remember - "I forget what I read , but I remember what I do..." ..Dont read hacking..JUST DO IT!!

What you will get in this package??

Following are some Tools :
Windows Live Hacking cd :$199 Check cost here
Ardamax Keylogger:$39.95  Check Cost Here
These are just examples to show you that what u will get in that cd.

What cost you have to pay??

These all are available at the cost of
For India: 1000 Rs.
Out of India:$20

Is there any option to customise the package??

Yes,Here are two option to get the best content as per your requirement.
1.The complete package:1000 Rs.
2.Customize Package(Order only those tools which u want):500Rs.
(cost may vary from 500-1000 depend upon tools choosen).

How will you receive your material??

You can receive material via two method:
1.I will provide you Download link and you can Download it.
2.Complete Package will Sent to your address as.

How to book/order your Hacking Kit??

You can also write in comment box.
Payment details will be communicated through mail.

Guys one very Important thing:This cd is the summary of all Ethical Hacking workshop conducted by Reputed Universities and Cyber Security Institutes. workshop+All Paid and Full Version softwares+Paid ebook(I mentioned above).All those materials are included in the cd.

If you have any query,you may ask.
I am looking for your valuable Suggestions and comments.

Your Friend,



Shrikant said...

Sir,I am an engineering student.
I want that kit...but my pocket money allow to spent only 500/- on it.Can u plz provide me best material.
my mail id

Peeyush Jain said...

I mailed u all details.


Shrikant said...


Thanks buddy...I got the link will download it soon...
n I've deposite payment in your account.

Shrikant said...


Dude I download the file...n it seems cool...
Contents r divided perfectly...
I'll disturb u if I've some problem...

Thanks buddy...

Anonymous said...

I'm lovin it...
thanks mate...I got link and downloaded too...
will let you know if I got any problem


Javed said...

Sir,this is javed from mujjafarnagar....
plz mail me the id is
I've deposited money into your account.

Thanks in advance.

Peeyush Jain said...


Thanks for your interest...I got the info and download link has been sent to you.

Happy Hacking.


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