Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Windows 7 Loader Genuine Activation

Hello friends, today i will tell you How to make your Windows 7 Genuine. This is 100% working hack which will activate your windows for forever and you can even download all updates and future releases by Microsoft. The tool Windows 7 Genuine Activation Patch works in two steps i.e. in first step we will activate the windows and make it genuine and in next step we will remove the WAT file so that we can easily download all the updates without any warning messages.
How to Use this Windows 7 Loader?

1. Run The "7Loader Release 5.exe" file Click Select Task.
2. Here You Can Either Choose To Let Your PC Have The Name Of A Brand.
3. Select The "Please Select" Dropdown Windows and Choose Any Brand Name That You Want Your Computer To Show.. Example : Acer, Dell, alienware Biostar ECT.
4. Then Click "Activate slic Present" And Wait (Be Patient While It Works) Then another Window Will Pop Up .. Just Choose anything.
5. Afterward Click "Install information 32bit" Or "Install information 64Bit" Depending On Your Operating System.
6.  Now Hit The "Hazar Option 2" Button ... Wait Till Finished Then restart Your Pc.
7. For Those Who Just Want a Straight Forward Activation Just Run "None slic Option 1" Followed By "Hazar Option 2" Then Reboot.
8. After Doing This Upon Reboot.. Go To "My Computer" Properties You Will Then See Windows Is Activated...........Or Just Run The Loader And Choose Status.

Run The "RemoveWAT.exe" file And Choose Remove Wat...... Wait Let It Work,,, When Completed All Is Well.....

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Enjoy Hacking!!!

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