Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Airtel Hack: How to Hack Airtel for Free Airtel GPRS

Airtel has been leading network provider in India since long time. So, it has been victim of various hacks and tricks to obtain Airtel free GPRS. Hackers have discovered many
Airtel hacks to enjoy free Airtel GPRS.
Today, I am posting one Airtel hack for free Airtel GPRS. I have provided link for software download... just check out.
Hack Airtel for Free Airtel GPRS:

Simply follow the guidelines below for enjoying Airtel free GPRS.

1. Free Download Airtel Free GPRS browser.
Password:  realhackingtips.blogspot.com

2. Unzip this downloaded file to obtain OM AG Browser.

3. Now, transfer this Airtel Free GPRS browser to your mobile and install this software in your mobile phone. While installing, use Mobile Office as your access point and you will be charged around 60p. This is first time installation charge. So, maintain your balance above 60p.

3. Once installed, hit on Accept and then OK to see browser interface.

4. Now, enter the website address you want and start surfing web for free. Thus, you have hacked airtel for free Airtel GPRS.

Note 1: For this Airtel hack to work, maintain your balance below 30p after first time installation. If your balance is above 30p, don't exit from the Airtel free GPRS browser to avoid balance curtailment.

Note 2: To make this airtel GPRS hack work for you, you should have "Zero Rental Mobile Office" (30p/50KB) activated. To activate, simply dial *567# and select Internet Activation.

If you want to use Free Airtel GPRS for computer, refer my article Free Airtel GPRS for computer. I had posted this article 2-3 days before. But, the article was deleted in the process of removing Google malware warning. So, I am posting this article once again.

So friends, I hope that you can now enjoy
free Airtel GPRS using this Airtel hack.
I have personally tried this Airtel hack for free Airtel GPRS in Maharashtra and found this working perfect. If you find this airtel hack for free Airtel GPRS working in your state, please help others over here by mentioning your state and feedback.

Enjoy Airtel Hack for free Airtel GPRS...


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