Sunday, October 24, 2010

Get Orkut Scraps as SMS on Your Mobile for Free

Orkut launched scraps on mobile feature. But unfortunately people are getting charged by mobile service providers for those messages. So, here I’m going to tell you the trick to receive Orkut scraps on your mobile as SMS absolutely free. Each time someone sends you a scrap, you will get a SMS alert with first 150 characters of that scrap on your mobile. This service is absolutely FREE for people living in India. We will perform this trick by using Orkutfeeds and Google SMS Channel. Let’s know how to do this.
How To Get Orkut Scraps as SMS for Free
This orkut trick can be done by converting all your scraps into a feed. Now associate that feed with a Google SMS channel. When someone makes a scraps in your scrapbook, your scrapbook feed will receive and store that scrap. Google SMS channel checks scrapbook feed periodically and will send you the scrap by SMS once it find a new scrap in your feed.
I will make it a bit more simple. Follow the below steps.
1. Get your Orkut profile link. You can get your Orkut profile link by clicking on your own display picture and copying the code from the address bar. (Typically an Orkut profile link looks like this :;=995950247969049008)
2. Go to, paste your Orkut profile link in the given box and click on theSubscribe button. Check out the below screenshot.

3. Now it will give you a URL like this :
4. Copy that code and paste in a notepad. Add #both at the end of that URL. Your final URL should look like
5. Now navigate to Google SMS Channel and login with your Google/Gmail ID and Password.
6. Look at the right sidebar, you can find a Try now button under Create your own channeloption. Click on Try now.

It will take you to the channel settings page. Fill up all the details there and click on Create Channel button. Check the below screenshot for complete instructions.
7. You are done.
Now you will receive Orkut scraps by SMS absolutely free.
Special Instructions :

1. If your scrapbook is locked (viewable by friends only), you MUST add Orkutfeeds Bot as your friend on Orkut. Add Orkutfeeds bot.
2. It might take up to 4-6 hours to get new scrap notification SMS on mobile. This fully depends on Google server load.


How to protect your computer from keyloggers?

Keyloggers have been a major problem today as once they get installed in your computer the hacker can get almost any information, I have written couple of posts on keylogging and reviewed some of the bestkeyloggers available now a days
The program which are specially used to detect and protect your computers from keyloggers are Antiloggers, I have tested lots of Antiloggers and found Zemana Antilogger only which is capable of detecting almost every keylogger.
Normally a keylogger is detected by a good antivirus or Antispyware program, but hackers use some methods such as crypting, hexing, binding etc through which the keylogger can easily Antivirus as well as Antispyware program

Zemana AntiLogger now covers pretty much every aspect of Windows including registry modification and dll injection prevention and protects Windows from other spyware-related techniques with Anti-Keylogger, Anti-SreeenLogger, Anti-WebLogger and Anti-ClipboardLogger tools of its own. Another useful feature this apps has is while-list approach (in contrast to Anti-Virus blacklist approach) meaning it automatically recognizes "safe" programs and does not treat them as "suspects"

For more information on this program and download details visit the following link
Zemana Antilogger Download

Random Ad Banners Widget For Blogger

In most blogs which are selling ad spots you often have seen random Ad banners appearing when the page is refreshed. Ever wondered how to show random Ad Banners in Blogger? In today's tutorial we will learn how to create a Random Banner Widget for blogger which will show random Ad banners when a visitor visits a new page on your blog. Using this widget you can display as many Ad banners on a Sponsor Area as you want!
This widget is exactly similar to our previous 125 by 125 AD Banner Widget and in fact it is the most awaited one and have been requested several times by our readers. Just last night I succeeded in creating a simple Java script that uses Array of images and thus displays random images on Page refresh.
Lets have a demo of the widget before jumping to the tutorial. Note:- Refresh the page to see new Ad banners.

How To Add Random Ad Banner Widget To Your Blogs?
Simply follow these steps,
  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Page Elements
  2. Choose HTML/JavaScript Widget
  3. And Paste the following code inside it,

width="265" bgcolor="#ffffff">


URL OF ADVERTISER" rel="nofollow">Advertise Now!

1.  Replace URL OF ADVERTISER with the website link of the advertiser
2.  Replace URL OF BANNER’S IMAGE-1  and URL OF BANNER’S IMAGE-2 with the Image links of the Advertiser’s banners
3.  Replace AD DESCRIPTION with some information related to the Ad. The description appears on mouse hover.
4.  If you want to increase the distance between the ad blocks then edit width="265"
Now after making the necessary customization view your blog to see a beautiful 125 by 125 Banner widget that will change Banners on every different page.
Download Animated AD Banners
To ad spice to the widget may be you will prefer some of our previously designed animated banners -> Animated 125 by 125 AD Banners

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Find Out Who’s Checking/Viewing Your Facebook Profile: Facebook Spam

Facebook seem to have taken some action against facebook profile spying applications. Many of the crap applications reported spam by facebook users have been taken down by facebook. But still the thing to worry about is that the facebook profile spying spam is not spreading through apps only, in fact it is spreading with the help of Facebook Events, Pages and groups too. So facebook needs to filter out those spam pages, groups and events too.

Most of the profile spying groups, pages and apps takes you to a page that’s completely filled with advertisements and affiliate links. Quite often they ask users to complete certain offers or surveys (see screenshot below) after which users end up passing their important information to the spammers or downloading infected files to their PC.

You will find large number of facebook pages, groups and apps that claims to tell users about who checked/viewed their profile. Actually they all are spam. Their sole purpose is to get a large user following by tricking people and then directing them all to pages heavily loaded with advertisements which in turn generates revenue for them.

Facebook itself says that there is no way at all with which you can see/check who is visiting your facebook profile. This is what Facebook’s recent status update states about this rapidly growing spam.

On Facebook, there’s no way to see who has visited your profile. We’ve also prevented others from providing this functionality. We’re working hard to block and remove websites, Pages, and applications that claim to do this. If you see one, don’t be fooled, and report it to us immediately.

Following are some of the Facebook spam apps, events and pages along with their URL’s. If you wish you may report them to facebook as spam (this would take just few seconds) but still that would not make much difference because there are so many apps, pages, groups with same stuff under different names.

Find Who’s checking your facebook profile Working!! New app
OMG OMG OMG… I can’t believe this actually works! Now you really can see who views your facebook profile!!!
Spy see who is viewing Your Profile

In order to get rid of these crappy profile visitor checking stuff Facebook must have a proper screening system to evaluate the content of any facebook app, page , group etc.

To stay away and safe from all these scams/spams please don’t ever join or go to any facebook page, app, group, event that claims to tell you about who visited your profile or similar kind of information. This will certainly help you stay safe on Facebook.


How To Recover Your Lost/Stolen Mobile Phone Using IMEI: Mobile Phone Security

We have already discussed, in our earlier articles, what an IMEI number is?, how to check IMEI validity and find valid IMEI number for iPhone and other cellphones. In case you missed them, head over to this link. In this article we are going to deal with the procedure (only for Indian cellphone users) for finding/recovering lost or stolen mobile phone using IMEI number.

It doesn’t matter whether a mobile phone is expensive or not, it always hurts to lose one because in addition to losing the mobile phone you also loose the important contacts and data present in it. So if your lost or stolen mobile phone really matters for you then here’s how you can find/recover lost or stolen Mobile phone using IMEI number.
How To Find/Recover Lost, Stolen Mobile Phone Using IMEI number?
If you have lost your mobile or it has been stolen then here is a very simple and effective way to get it back. Simply send an e-mail to with the following info.
Your name:
Phone model:
Last used No.:
E-mail for communication:
Missed date:
We can’t guarantee you that it will surely work for you but many Indian mobile users got back their device by mailing the required details to
So, we hope this will work for you. Please don’t forget to let us know in comments if you get your lost or stolen mobile back by following the above procedure.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Airtel Hack: How to Hack Airtel for Free Airtel GPRS

Airtel has been leading network provider in India since long time. So, it has been victim of various hacks and tricks to obtain Airtel free GPRS. Hackers have discovered many
Airtel hacks to enjoy free Airtel GPRS.
Today, I am posting one Airtel hack for free Airtel GPRS. I have provided link for software download... just check out.
Hack Airtel for Free Airtel GPRS:

Simply follow the guidelines below for enjoying Airtel free GPRS.

1. Free Download Airtel Free GPRS browser.

2. Unzip this downloaded file to obtain OM AG Browser.

3. Now, transfer this Airtel Free GPRS browser to your mobile and install this software in your mobile phone. While installing, use Mobile Office as your access point and you will be charged around 60p. This is first time installation charge. So, maintain your balance above 60p.

3. Once installed, hit on Accept and then OK to see browser interface.

4. Now, enter the website address you want and start surfing web for free. Thus, you have hacked airtel for free Airtel GPRS.

Note 1: For this Airtel hack to work, maintain your balance below 30p after first time installation. If your balance is above 30p, don't exit from the Airtel free GPRS browser to avoid balance curtailment.

Note 2: To make this airtel GPRS hack work for you, you should have "Zero Rental Mobile Office" (30p/50KB) activated. To activate, simply dial *567# and select Internet Activation.

If you want to use Free Airtel GPRS for computer, refer my article Free Airtel GPRS for computer. I had posted this article 2-3 days before. But, the article was deleted in the process of removing Google malware warning. So, I am posting this article once again.

So friends, I hope that you can now enjoy
free Airtel GPRS using this Airtel hack.
I have personally tried this Airtel hack for free Airtel GPRS in Maharashtra and found this working perfect. If you find this airtel hack for free Airtel GPRS working in your state, please help others over here by mentioning your state and feedback.

Enjoy Airtel Hack for free Airtel GPRS...

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