Saturday, September 4, 2010

Latest Free Reliance GPRS Hack [2010]

Hello friends,
After a long period I have come back with very interesting article. Today I will show you how you can surf free GPRS on Reliance enabled mobile phones. This hack was very popular 2-3 years back but it had stopped working. But few days back when I tried to use this hack, to my amazement, I found that this hack was working with a few modifications.

Follow the steps given below:
1.    Activate Reliance GPRS.
2.    Download modded UCWeb version 6.7 (Please note that this hack will work only on modded UCWeb version 6.7).
3.    Apply following settings in your Mobile phone GPRS Settings.
o    Name : RelianceMBWorld
o    Proxy Address :
o    Port Address : 8080
o    Homepage :
o    dUsername : blank
o    Password : blank
o    Data Bearer : Packet Data
4.    Now Start your modded UCWeb 6.7. Since you will starting it for the first time it will ask you following setting:
o    Front Query : blank
o    Middle Query : blank
o    Back Query : ?id=jCustomerWAPProv/
o    Uncheck the Checkbox named Remove Port from URL
o    Host : HandlerHost
o    Press OK.
5.    Done!! Enjoy Free GPRS Surfing


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