Monday, June 7, 2010

Tips to customise your DESKTOP

Customizing Desktop Icons
The first time I started up Windows XP, I was shocked to find only the
Recycle Bin icon on the desktop.Where were the rest of the icons? Did the
install screw up? Microsoft is starting to transition away from the desktop
that we are all used to with previous versions of Windows.With the introduction
of the Start panel, the same icons on the desktop are just not
needed. Now, the desktop looks much cleaner and more visually appealing
because there are not 50 icons on the screen blocking your view of the
I have to admit, I like the clean interface, but I miss some of the icons that
used to be on the desktop. Thankfully, you can do a number of different
things to customize the desktop to bring back some of the old icons and
also customize them so that you can preserve the clean look while restoring
functionality. The next several sections will show you how you can get your
desktop looking the way you want it to by taking advantage of hidden
features and tricks.



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