Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Watch Youtube Videos Which Requires Login Or Sign Up

Hello Guys Welcome again. Today I am going to share a very useful and time saving trick for using YouTube.
That is "How to watch YouTube videos which Requires Login and Sign up". I am a hardcore user of you tube and most of times get this error that to watch this video you have to login or signup. So Today i am going to reveal the hack that How to watch YouTube videos without any registration or login...So read on...

Watching Videos That Require Log In or SIGNUP

Stepwise Description:

1. Suppose there is a video. Example as

2. Goto the above Url in New Window . you will see some error message like"to view this video please log in or sign up "

3. Now you have seen clearly that above video requires LOGIN or SIGNUP.
Now We want to bypass that LOGIN or SIGNUP ERROR.

4. So Do the Following as Shown in FIGURE:

5. EDIT URL AS SHOW ABOVE that is  replace the ? and = both by separate  /  and open the URL:

6. That's the End and You will be able to see video without LOGIN or SIGN UP.



Unknown said...

Sir,it is giving error message while opening the above url.what to do with this?

Peeyush Jain said...

First of all Thanks for visiting this blog.Amit this link was old n has been deleted from server of youtube.but you can use this trick on other videos. Keep visiting.

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