Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Hack Gmail Account

This post will explains u how to hack in to the  any gmail account by using the fake page 
method and also some advance tips on sending the fake page
Go to the Gmail login page by typing the following URL.
Once the Gmail login page is loaded, Save the page as Complete HTML file. (Not as 
.mht file)
To save the page goto File->Save As 
Then save the page as gmail hacking.html
Tip: .mht option is available only in IE 7. So if you you are using some other browser you need not worry.
Once you save the log in page completely, you will see a HTML file and a folder with the 
name . If u click the html  file then the  page opens just like the Gmail mail page but  loads 
from your hard disk, to confirm just check the url.
Make sure that the folder contains the necessary images and other support files.Now 
rename the Folder to “files.You may also rename the .HTML file to Gmail.HTML
Now open the .HTML file using a WordPad.Change the links of all the files present in the 
folder to /files.

For example you may find something like this in the opened HTML file
Rename the above link into
Repeat the same procedure for every file contained in the folder by name “files“.
Tip: To search for the links, press Ctrl+F in the opened WordPad and search for “.gif”. 
Repeat the Step 5 for every .gif file.
or u can leave the image link as it is  but the problem comes when they  make changes to 
their source code then u have to update the code once again
Now search for the following term
you will see something like this
Edit this to
Tip: Open a free account in or to create your own site for uploading the Fake 
Login Page. has to be substituted by the name of your site.For example if your 
site name is then replace yoursite.comwith
Save the changes to the file.
NOTE: You can write your own code for login.php or search forlogin.php (Login 
script) on Google.
Now you have to upload your gmail.HTML, files folder and login.php to Root folder
NOTE: Make sure that your host supports PHP
Tip: supports PHP
bUT  detects these fake pages very easly and removes them in 2-3 hrs so 
better choose some other free hosting sites all  most all the free hosting sites support php
Configure the login.php file to save the entered password onto a.TXT file and redirect the 
user to original login page (
Tip: login.php can save the password in any format (not necessarily .TXT format).You can 
search a php script in Google that can save the password in any format.You may also search a 
php script that can email the username & password
NOTE: The concept here is to save the password.The format is not important here.
Distribute the gmail.HTML URL (ie: to your friends.When 
they login from this fake login page, thelogin.php will save the username and password onto 
the .TXT file (or any other format) in your site.
for any query kindly mail me at or ask in commemt area.We will solve 
your problem as soon as possible.

dont forget to say thanks.....



kranti said...

it really works man...
very usefulll....

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