Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hacking of Various sites!!.. Premium Accounts..!!.it's really very useful..

Hi everyone,
Today I am giving you a very great hack.As we all use many sites for
downloading e.g.Rapidshare,Megaupload,alphaload,fulldownloadacces
etc.We oftenly download as a free user everytime.Because there is a fee for
every premium service.Just Imagine if you got the username and password of
any premium account then....!!!!you can easily download your content
(movies,games,songs anything) at very high speed.But how to get those
account information....???
No worry friends.I am here to help you.
After a lot of effort I hack n found some premium accounts for several sites
and these all are listed below.
So what are you waiting for...????
go to the site and enjoy...

Following are the list of usernames and passwords of the premium accounts
for Best downloads sites.
…!! ENJOY !!…

1.) {download movies fastly}

Username : divx273
Password : 8342729

2.) {movies, music, Pc Games, Tv


Username : cinemanetwork20
Password : butterfly20

3.) {movies,Pc softwares, Pc Games, Tv


Username : lo886Ees
Password : zAgt88er

4.) {movies, Pc softwares, Pc Games}

Username : LODMQYHX
Password : 375021402
Receipt : 4T5W89RD

5.) {movies, Pc Games, psp softwares}

Username : ga20me
Password : ke01feb

6.) {movies, music, Pc Games, online Tv}

Username : cinemanetwork20
Password : butterfly20

7.) {Greatly Every thing}

Username : Af872HskL
Password : XjsdH28N

8.) {Greatly Every thing}

Username : Af872HskL
Password : XjsdH28N

9.) {Every thing}

Username :
Password : CHh5LKPI

Username :
Password : MJY0BUY

Username :
Password : rYvLgPrt

Username :
Password : F9Gzgwb5

10.) {Every thing}

Username : ageg2020
Password : z8fsDfg3

11.) {All Stuff}

Username : HnRPxKQz
Password : a59KBV7

Username : a25bipZP
Password : 1TeVnoJb

Username : SHYyJfWU
Password : P4K20uO

12.) {All Stuff}

Username : mpuv3y
Password : umvpy3x

13.) {All Stuff}

Username : AL3429352
Password : ykbcKTNS

Username : AL3429355
Password : RCHAbhKM

Username : AL3429350
Password : gMZNFcyS

Username : AL3429351
Password : cTAkWAxc

Username : AL3429352
Password : ykbcKTNS

14) {All Stuff}

Username : ga20me
Password : ke01feb

15.) {All Stuff}

Username : cu20me
Password : ke01feb

16.) {online Tv}

Username : mv03dl
Password : frmvdl

friends these all accounts are tested and valid untill someone dont change the
parameters.So if you are facing problem on any login page please tell us so
that we can help you out.

For any other sites login information which you want to know please post in
comment.We will get back to you very soon with fair result.

Don forget to say thanks.......


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